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Supportive, empathetic counselling.
In person in London or online wherever you are.

Sometimes people come to counselling with a specific issue they want to address – which could be a life change, bereavement, the impact of abuse, questions about identity, relationship challenges, repeating unwanted behaviours, or any number of other things. Other people come because they feel stuck, or unsettled, but can’t figure out what’s ‘wrong’.

No matter what you want to bring, I offer a warm, non-judgemental approach. I start from the basis that you are the expert in your life. Rather than pathologise, I work from the assumption that our behaviours and thoughts are reactions to our experiences. I will work with you to better understand yourself and widen the choices available to you. This includes bringing in an understanding of societal pressures and oppression and understanding the impact these can have.  


If you would like to book an initial session, or have any questions, please fill in this form, or email

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