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  • What is therapy?
    Therapy will look and feel different for everyone. At its base, I think of it as a space which is just yours: 50 minutes a week where you can focus on whatever you want and be heard with empathy and understanding. You can reflect on your past, examine what’s happening at the moment, and play with new ways of interacting. You will always set the agenda within our sessions. I see my role as asking questions to help you gain clarity; providing alternative perspectives; and working with you to help you connect more deeply with how experiences affect you or are held in your body.
  • How do I choose a therapist?
    When looking for a therapist you will probably want to consider both their qualifications and experience, and also how comfortable you feel with them – your gut feeling about whether you will be able to work together. You may want to meet a few therapists and see what each experience is like. If you would like to book an intro session with me please get in touch.
  • What's the difference betwen counselling and therapy?
    Counselling and therapy are terms which are often used interchangeably. Many people use counselling to refer to shorter-term work and therapy to refer to longer-term or more in depth work, but this is not always the case.
  • How much does it cost?
    I have a sliding scale for my fees. Most of my clients pay £50 - £75 per session; I also have some lower cost places available at £30-40. An intro session is £30 and we can discuss your fees there. This guide can be helpful to working out where you are on my sliding scale: Full price (£75) It is easy for me to meet all of my basic needs I am employed or do not need to work to meet my needs I have savings I can afford holidays/ luxuries Medium cost (£60) · I can meet my basic needs · I am employed (or have another source of income) · I need to save for holidays or luxury items but can afford them · I may have debts but they don’t get in the way of meeting my needs Low cost - £30 · I frequently stress about meeting basic needs and am not always able to meet them I am unemployed or underemployed My debts prevent me from buying things I need I have no access to savings
  • Do you work online?
    Yes, I offer regular sessions online. This might suit you if you are based outside of London or find it difficult to travel to my therpay room. If we usually work in person then we can also meet online when necessary - for example if you are unwell, away or otherwise unable to travel.
  • Do we have to meet weekly?
    For most people weekly sessions work best - they fit into a weekly routine and the consistency means we can build on our work each session. I also offer a few fortnightly sessions for people who prefer this. If it is not possible for you to commit to the same time each week / fortnight (for example, due to shift work), please get in touch and - if I have availability - we can figure out an approach that works for you.
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